Marilyn Monroe Experte Peter Schnug

The unique collection of Peter Schnug

Marilyn Monroe Experte Peter Schnug
Marilyn Monroe Experte Peter Schnug
Peter Schnug is known as a film historian and Marilyn Monroe biographer. He worked as consultant for television programs such as "Myth Marilyn Monroe" and "Diva Marilyn Monroe". Peter researched for the ARD documentary series "Legends" interview partners and favorable documentary material as well as unknown facts from the life of the Hollywood star. As Marilyn Monroe expert, he worked for the musical "Marilyn", which premiered in the Gärtnerplatz Theater in Munich and contributed texts and photos to the book for the musical. Peter provided thematically selected exhibits to the Film Museum Düsseldorf for the exhibition "Homage to Marilyn Monroe". Further he organized exhibitions in Berlin, Vienna, Essen, Krefeld, Heilbronn and Muensterlingen on Lake Constance, Switzerland. Peter was portrayed several times in the US film magazine "Hollywood Then and Now". In 1982 he founded "The Marilyn Monroe Archive" and has been online since 1997. The archive focuses on words, images, film and sound.
His archive about the actress and private person Marilyn Monroe consists of hundreds of historical items such as photos, film posters, scrapbooks, magazines, documents such as birth certificate and will, rare sound documents, private Super 8 films and other media of all kinds.
Original documents such as business papers, working scripts, autographs, private letters and fashionable accessories from the Hollywood icon round off his archive.
Peter was in contact with contemporary witnesses who knew Marilyn Monroe personally.
„It is very unusual to see such an incredibly beautiful woman with such an inner need. You think she is perfect, so happy. But Marilyn Monroe had this inner restlessness, to which women and men feel attracted equally.“
Peter Schnug
Marilyn Monroe Experte Peter Schnug
On the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death, Peter was invited to give an eulogy in the chapel at Westwood Memorial Park in Hollywood, where the actress was laid to rest. In his appreciation, he recalled the world star who came from deprived backgrounds and achieved world fame with talent and diligence after a difficult life. Marilyn Monroe is the true American dream and is still an example for many today. Because of her tragic biography, which is reminiscent of extraordinary literature, Marilyn Monroe would occupy the same place for the 20th century as Tolstoy's ANNA KARENINA or Fontane's EFFI BRIEST before. For the future one can assume that Marilyn Monroe will become an icon like the NEFRETTI or the MONA LISA. Through her art, she would have managed to unintentionally become the myth of modernity.
Peter studied film science, psychology and history. He worked as a director, designer, curator and lecturer.
The Marilyn Monroe Archive is an international collection in word, picture, film and sound. The collection is supplemented by original exhibits. The archive offers unimagined opportunities for books, exhibitions, events, television and radio projects. Specialist advice and research is possible. The Marilyn Monroe Archive was founded in 1982 by Peter Schnug and has been represented on the Internet since 1997. His unique collection of Marilyn Monroe provides detailed information about the life and death of the actress and pop icon.
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